Student advice

We offer advice for current and prospective students.

Choosing a course

Choose a course that interests you. You may have enjoyed studying a subject at A level and so want to learn more. You may want to do a course in a field you have worked in. You may have had work experience in a lawyers and want to study law. Maybe you have always been interested in a particular subject. Did you always enjoy languages or maths? You may want to succeed in Business. You may wish to learn new subjects. Write a list of all the subjects you enjoyed. Write a list of all the possible careers you could consider.

Mature students

It can be very scary to return to study and start over again, but it is also an exciting challenge and a whole new direction in life. It really is a new beginning and opens many doors. Not just things to learn, but making new friends, fresh ideas and new job opportunities. But there may be an industry or job you’re very keen to get into later.

Remember you will have a tutor who will be there to support and guide you. Often these tutors are very experienced with mature students and they will understand that you have different needs.

Getting yourself organised at the beginning may be difficult and studying again may take a while to get into the swing of it. But once you do you will gain great satisfaction from your achievements.

Late Applications

While it is best to get your application in on time, for the latest policy on late applications please consult the UCAS guidelines.


If you do not get the required grades for the University of your choice you still have an opportunity through Clearing. You will be sent a Clearing Entry Form automatically and your details will be passed to Institutions who have places.

You can retake your exams and re-apply again to University the following year.

It is still very important to only take a Course that you wish to study.


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